Mobile towers

Mobile towers for rent – starting from 350 roubles per day

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Common configurations are displayed below. Construction allows decking to be placed at any level with the step of 50 cm.

Мобильные вышки-туры

Mobile towers are equipped with the stairs which provide safe access to working level and with the handrails at the levels of 0,5 and 1,0 m. Main parts are tubular with the diameter of 48,3 mm. Material is galvanized strengthened modification of steel S235.


Rigid construction featuring 48,3 mm profile provides safe and convenient working place on height.

Galvanized elements as opposed to painted are
not subject to corrosion

All the elements and joints have
technological and contemporary look,
being important when the mobile towers are used in malls, exhibition halls etc.

The mobile tower
can be assembled by only one person

Modern wedge-lock joints ensure reliable element connection and provide unusual rigidity during the working process


Elements of our mobile towers are connected by ALFIX ring-lock joint that gives outstanding rigidity and easy assembling

Мобильные вышки-туры

Towers can be put together making up any configuration needed

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